Womens's Cell-Manini

Indian ethos has always meted out an enviable treatment to the exalted position of womanhood. The onslaught of patriarchy deprived ladies of their glorious past. Women cell is a humble attempt to restore the cherished past.The aim of the Manini to empowers the Women. In 2018-19. Manini was formulated under the coordination of Dr. Asha Chacko Dr. Shiju Jacob and Dr. Jijikumari T . All the Programmes were conducted with the leadership of President Ms. Sanala (II Microbilogy) and Ms. Shanu Mariya (II Eco.) and executive members.

The Programs Are,

1) Inauguration of Women's Cell Activities and Workshop on Mushroom cultivation by Mrs. Thressiyamma Philip (President, Kallar grammapanchayath) to the members of kudumbhasree of kallar gramma panchayath 2) Training programmes to the women in the kallar kudumbhasree by Mrs. Daisy Cherickalath (Coordinator, Thalasary Social Service Society, Panathady) for preparing detergent powder, Dish wash and Hand wash 3) Training programmes to the women in our college by Mrs. Molly Thomas for preparing detergent powder, Dish wash and Hand wash 4) Inauguration of Taekwonda training for our students was done by Mrs. Ambili (Dept. of English)


Fr. Dino Kummannikattu (Bursar) was inaugurated women cell activities on 22 October 2019. Kerala State Women Development cooperation (KSWDC) sponsored all the activities during the academic year, 2019-20. Dr. Sr. Marykutty Alex (Principal) gave the presidential address. The facilitation was delivered by Dr. R. SatheeshKumar (Vice Principal), Mr. Shino P Jose (Jubilee Coordinator) and Mr. Aswin Ajith M (chairman). Teacher Coordinator of the KSWDC project, Dr. Asha Chacko welcomed the programme and vote of thanks by Akhilya Peeter(I SEM BBA)

Seminar on Carrier Guidance and Carrier Counselling

Women Cell of St .Pius X College conducted a seminar on Carrier Guidance and Counselling on 22-11-19 in the college auditorium at 11.45 am to 12.30 pm. The Programme was financially supported by KSWDC, Trivandrum. Resource person was Sr. Lilly Maria (SABS) (Counsellor). About 60 students were participated in the programme.


Women cell (Manini) of the St Pius X College conducted a First Aid training programme on 25.10.2019 in the college auditorium at 3pm to 4.15 pm . The programme was sponsored by KSWDC. The Resource person was Mr. Job ( I Sem BBA , Karotta Black Belt).

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