National Service Scheme


St. Pius X College Rajapuram has two effervescent NSS units (unit no. 7 & 8) having 200 students as NSS volunteers and they are working under two programme officers Dr. Vinod and Mrs. Jincy Philip. In this academic year our NSS units were envisaged in several services to the society. We have started with plantation of trees in our campus on world environment day .ie June 5th ,2018. Subsequently an orientation class was conducted for newly admitted volunteers. The detailed lists of various programmes conducted by NSS units were given below DateEvent
105/06/2018World Environmental Day Celebration-Plantation of Trees
105/06/2018World Environmental Day Celebration-Plantation of Trees
213/06/2018Source Reduction Activity in association with PHC Poodamkallu
307/07/2018Campus Cleaning
431/07/2018Blood Donation Camp- in association with District Hospital- 140 students donate blood- Honouring Mr. Abdul Rasheed for his 111 th time blood donation
513/08/2018Flood relief Fund has raised around Rs.25,000/-,students service at flood affected area, Wayanad
615/08/2018Campus Cleaning
715/09/2018Mundottu- Kallar Road Cleaning
822/09/2018Vegetable Farming
902/10/2018Cleaning - Kallar Town Cleaning
1016/10/2018Orientation- Waste Management by Dr. Anil Kumar
1114/11/2018World Diabetic day Celebration in association with PHC Poodamkallu
1225/12/2018- 31/12/2018 Seven Day Special Camp at St. Marys A U P School Malakkallu
1308/02/2019College Campus Cleaning
1421/02/2019Cancer Awareness Programme – Health Department
Ms. Ann Mary Participated in World Youth Parliament Competition held on Kerala University
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