National Service Scheme


There are two units for NSS in St. Pius X College. Mr. Thomas Chacko is the Programme officer of Unit no. 7 and Mrs. Jincymol Joseph is the Programme Officer of Unit no. 8. Mr. Rajesh V is awarded with the Best Volunteer of the University in the academic year 2012-13. There are 209 volunteers for NSS. Unit No. 7 include 106 volunteers. There are 60 Female volunteers and 46 male volunteers in unit no. 7. Unit no. 8 include 105 volunteers comprising of 56 female and 49 male volunteers. The NSS units are actively engaged at the mission of constructing a house for Mr. Rajendran Balanthode and handed over the key in March 2014. NSS Eco Park has been already established in the college. The units have established a medicinal garden in the college which is well maintained. The concept micro-farming has been initiated and executed successfully in the nearby villages by our NSS units. Thus the NSS units take up various innovative activities and remain socially, environmentally and ecologically committed.