Dept. of Microbiology was established when St Pius X College, Rajapuram, came to existence in 1995. First academic batch with 24 students, for B.Sc. Microbiology, started in the month of August. The course with Microbiology main, Physiology and Chemistry as subsidiaries was affiliated to University of Calicut. It was the first of its kind in Kerala State. The decision to start such a course at graduate level by our management, Diocese of Kottayam, was much appreciated in the academic circle at that time, since it was an inspiring and model step for others to start such job oriented programs in Arts and Science colleges. It is very much evident from the fact that at least fifteen different colleges, under four different Universities, are now conducting same course in the state of Kerala.

DR. KK Anilkumar joined the department on 14th August 1995, as the first faculty. In the third academic year Dr.Sarala Gopalakrishnan and a Guest Lecturer, joined as faculty members. First batch came out from the department in 1998 with 20 First Class and One Second class. Since Kannur University was established in 1996 our affiliation was changed to this university from second batch onwards. After the first batch was gone out, strength of the batch (Number of students admitted per batch) was increased to 28. Further it was increased to 34 from 2001 admission onwards. Course pattern was also changed to LRP from 2003 onwards (Language reduced pattern) according to the directions of the University. By this, language is taught only in the first year and theory and practical hours of the main subject Microbiology, was raised accordingly. When the new pattern was introduced, there arouse the need for one more staff. In the year 2004 one more permanent faculty Dr. Denoj Sebastian was joined in the department. In the year 2009 Dr. Denoj was relieved from the service to take a faculty position in the University of Calicut. In his vacancy Dr. Vinod NV was posted and joined in service on 9th October 2012.

Sixteen batches of students have gone out from the department since 2013. Thirty University Ranks in B.Sc. Microbiology were bagged by our students. On an average, above 85% of the students admitted had been graduated. Out of them more than 60% graduated with fist class (> 60% or B grade) and 20% of them was with distinction (>80% or A grade). The drop out of students is well below 5% even though; the most of the students are from educationally and socially backward regions of the society. More than 90 % of the students were joined for higher studies, choosing Microbiology or Biotechnology as their masters programme. A small group has gone for higher studies in Management studies.

Regarding our Alumni, more than 30 of them have got excellent academic achievements, ie more than 25 of them were awarded Ph.D from various Universities of India and abroad and institutions of center of excellence like Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science. Many of them are doing Ph.D in reputed institutions of CSIR, ICAR and state government. Around 20 students had been qualified NET and out that 16 of them were awarded with JRF. Out of the sixteen batches gone out of this department, some are working as Assistant professors in various colleges and university departments like Punjab Central University, Kannur University,University of Calicut etc. Around ten of them are working as Post doctoral Fellows or Research associates in various foreign institutes with high reputation. Six out of them are working as research associates in various research institutes of India. 125 have got placements in public and privet sector and more than 20 of them works as professional Microbiologists in various Indian and foreign industries. These industries include related fields like Biotechnology, Hospitality, Food and Health, where they serve as quality control officers, hygiene officers, technicians etc.