Conceptual Learning

Through case discussion, lectures and seminars students are introduced the concepts and theoretical framework of management and business. Students are also introduced into the world of business through business update sessions and research projects.

Corporate Competency

Students are made industry ready through continuous interaction with industry professionals. Seminars, industry visits and industry interactions give students hands on experience on how organizations function and give them rare insights into real time managerial issues.

Statistics Tools and Data Analysis Training

We offer a certificate course on statistics tools and data analysis. Students are made proficient in tools and systems used by data analyst professionals. It include in depth training on Statistics, Data analytics with MS Excel and SPSS

Soft Skill Development Training

If functional knowledge were to be the sole criterion for success at work, your success would be determined by your school and college grades. But real life proves to us every day that this logic doesn’t hold water. It is soft skills that are proving to be the reliable weapon in your arsenal, complementing your occupational skills to determine your ability to get a job, get a promotion or a substantial pay hike. Long ignored in favour of the hard functional skills, today, academic institutions and organizations alike are focusing on soft skills so do us. We give predominant consideration for developing the soft skills of the students. Its mainly done through workshop, training sessions and role plays