Clubs & Association

College Union

Students are provided an opportunity to get acquainted with democratic system of the country. It helps the elected members develop their leadership and organising abilities. Various co-curricular activities of the College are conducted by the College Union.
Staff Advisor                                              :Sri.JOBY THOMAS
The Chairman                                             :  ANURAJ P.K
The vice Chairperson                                  :  DIVYA JYOTHI
The Secretary                                             :  VISHNU PRASAD
The Student Editor                                      :  ATHIRA M.P
The General Captain                                   :  PRANAV NARAYANAN
The Joint Secretary                                     :  SREESHMA K
Councillor to the University Union               :  NEERAJ V.K.
The Secretary of Fine Arts                          :  YADU KRISHNAN
The secretary of CS asso                            :  SEETHA LAKSHMI
The secretary of BBA asso                         :  RAHINA M.
The secretary of Microbiology Asso            : GOPIKA P.V
The secretary of Economics Asso                :  KAVYA

The secretary of Physics Asso                      :  ROSHMITHA

The secretary of Commerce Asso                :  JITHIN JOSEPH


1st DC Representitive                                   :  ANJITHA M
2nd DC Representitive                                  :  RESHMA N
3rd DC Representitive                                   :  KAVYA SREE


1.     University Fine Arts
2.     University Sports